CSI is now offering new services, including asset searches, background checks, insurance claim investigations, and more. Contact us for all of your investigative and security needs.










CSI Inc. is a team of professionals with over 72 years of combined experience in security and investigative services. Complete Security and Investigations, Inc. is dedicated to protecting you and your company; while building Security One Relationship at a Time.

CSI has a wide range of experience and training in all aspects of private investigation for the public and private sector.

  • Installation and Maintenance of State-of-the-Art Digital Video Systems
  • Surveillance
  • Loss Prevention and Investigative Services
  • Insurance Fraud Investigations
  • Special Investigative Units
  • Pre-Employment Background/Screening Services
  • Voice Stress Analysis
  • Security Consulting

The seasoned investigators of CSI continually strive to offer our clients expedient and accurate professional services using the latest technology available.


Complete Security & Investigations, Security Control Equipment & System Monitors, Hooper, NE